Monteferro Lamiera

Monteferro Group is present on the global market as an outstanding supplier of metal sheet lift components. Monteferro is a multi-function business that guarantees bespoke solutions, with integrated services from design through to installation.

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Technologies and processes

Welding process

Dynamic, flexible
and fast, guaranteeing top-level quality

The welding process is one of Monteferro Group’s strengths, and is an area it has invested heavily in, especially as regards technology.

The machinery features manual welding stations able to offer maximum flexibility for engineering processes, and robotic workstations that guarantee fast, repetitive processes, boosting performance quality and consistency.

The development of the welding templates is studied in-house, giving Monteferro a dynamic ability to manage the entire development and production chain. Each machine is certified as compliant with the ISO 3834-2 standard, and carries out TIG and MIG welding.